Week 5 – Don’t Panic You have 5 weeks – Take Some Time to Plan and Prepare

When you are planning to move you usually have advance notice. This 5 Week Move Planner will keep you organized.

Make your “to do” list and cross off each item as you complete the task.  If you whittle the “to do” list down week by week over the next 5 weeks, you will be the calmest person on moving day.

Move Method

Decide how you going to move.  What is your budget and are your options? Are you doing it yourself? Are you hiring a moving company? Are you packing yourself and letting the moving company move the boxes?

Get quotes from at least 3 movers.

Travel Arrangements

Long distance move? Make your travel arrangements well in advance. You need to arrive well before your movers. Allow for delays and give yourself a chance to relax before it gets hectic.

Research your New Community

Surf the web to learn about your new community. You can access everything from neighborhood maps to restaurant guides. If you used a realtor to buy your new home, they should have a community package available for you.

Packing Materials

First go through your linen closet, your kitchen and bath.  Use any sheets and towels that are tattered and will be eventually thrown out to wrap breakable items.

Decide how many boxes and packing supplies you think you will need and shop around for the best price. Your local moving rental center will be able to give you advice.

Take a break at the end of the week and get yourself ready for Week 4.

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