Week 4 – Consume – Notify – Start Packing

Food and Cleaning Supplies

For the remaining 4 weeks “consume”.

Eat the remaining food in the pantry and freezer.

Use cleaning supplies you already have and avoid shopping for new supplies.

Have Your Valuables Appraised

If you are going to insure your valuables, have them appraised before you start packing.

Take pictures of everything.

While you are at it, take pictures of your furniture. If you have anything damaged during the move, you will have proof of what shape they were in prior to the move.


Health Insurance Company

Supply them your new address and date of move. Check your coverage during the move, and if you will have coverage where you are moving to especially if it is out of state.

Doctor, Dentist and Pharmacist

Notify them that you are moving. Ask for referrals. Also have your medical records transferred to your new medical suppliers. Have your prescriptions transferred to a new pharmacy shortly before your move.


If you are a member of any organization or club, you should resign or transfer your membership.

You may want to nominate a replacement if you hold a position on the board.

Home Services

Let your housekeeper, landscaping, pool, and Security Company know of your upcoming move. Notify your utility companies of your move out date, so they can shut the services off or transfer to the new owner.

Line up services for your new home.

Insurance Company

Give them your move out date, and make sure your possessions will be covered.

It’s also a good time to get quotes for your new home and compare.


Get a bank account in the town you will be moving to ahead of time you will have a check to pay the movers.

Start Packing

You need to start this week if you decided to do the packing. Give yourself a set number of boxes to pack each night. It’s a lot easier than waiting until the night before. Go room by room. Give away or throw anything you don’t want to pack. You might even host a garage sale. Pack anything you won’t need until you get to your new home.

Take a break at the end of the week and get yourself ready for Week 3.

Stay tuned for the next posting.

Russie Weidl


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