Week 3 – Services – Plants – Retrieve & Return – Keep Packing

You are making headway. Two weeks down, 3 more to go.

You can do it!!

Service your Car

If you are driving to your new location, make sure the tires are good, and have your car serviced. You don’t want to be sitting on the side of the road and watch your moving truck blow by you.


If you are moving long distance, give your plants away or figure out how you are going to get them to your new home. Usually movers will not take plants, unless it is a short distance move.


Notify all the new service companies (utilities and Internet) of your move in date and have them turn on the services at least one day in advance.

Collect and Return

Time to collect any items you’ve lent out to friends and neighbors. It’s also time to return anything you may have borrowed.

Important Documents

Don’t ship your important documents.  Take them with you personally. Make copies even though you are carrying them in case something gets lost or stolen along the way.

Keep Packing

Make sure you are keeping up with the set number of boxes that you intend to pack. If it looks like you may need to adjust the number in order to be finished by moving day, do it now. You don’t want to be packing all night before the movers show up.

Take a break at the end of the week and get yourself ready for Week 2.

 Stay tuned for the next posting.

Russie Weidl

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