Week 2 – Tend to Final Moving Details – Keep Packing

Moving Expenses May be Tax Deductible

You might be eligible to deduct transportation, travel, and lodging expenses for job-related moves. Keep a file folder handy to throw in receipts of all move-related expenses and documents.

Check out Access to your New Home

If you are moving to a remote location, on a hill, or have a steep driveway and there is no room for a big moving truck, talk to your mover. If they have the heads up they can factor that into the cost of the move.   Otherwise they may charge you steeply if they need get extra equipment in to complete the delivery of your goods.

Secure Parking for Moving Truck

You may have to get a permit from the city to allow the movers to park. Even if you don’t need a permit, let the neighbors know the day you are moving and that you will need room for the truck so it won’t inconvenience them.

Confirm Moving Date

If you are buying a home, check with the realtor to make sure the closing date is still on schedule. Also check with the mover, to make sure they are still lined up.

Plan Side Trips if You are Traveling by Car

If you have some extra time, make a mini-vacation out of your trip. Take advantage of your time and do some site seeing along the route. This will break up the trip especially if you have kids.

Contractors List and Warranties

Make a list of contractors you use and gather warranties and manuals for the appliances. Have them ready in an envelope for the people who are moving into your old home.

Keep Packing

Pack all items that you will not need prior to your move. This includes winter/summer clothing, sports equipment, books and linens. Take a break at the end of the week and get yourself ready for the last week.

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